‘We create luxury garments, carefully crafted of the finest cashmere, designed to be worn and cherished for years to come. These are beloved pieces that you feel wonderful wearing, the ones you want to repair instead of throw away, those your children will want to inherit’

Cyd Henderson has been making timeless, keepsake garments for Henderson Cashmere since 2001. These are the much-loved treasures you keep year after year, the elegant classics that you feel good wearing. The measure of true quality is that which is loved, which endures through the seasons of life, that which has meaning. So important to our company is the quality of the cashmere fibre that it is certified through our membership in The Good Cashmere Standard by AbTF®️ at the premium black label level.

Henderson Cashmere fully embraces and supports the slow fashion movement: purchase high quality, buy fewer pieces, keep them for longer. We are aware of the effect our industry has had on the environment and are constantly working towards mitigating these impacts. Read about our commitment to quality and ecological integrity here.