At Henderson Cashmere we believe that each and every garment designer and manufacturer has a responsibility to ensure that the ethical and environmental standards of sustainability are embraced and upheld. Our commitment to these qualities are at the foundation of our company.

Our certifications
Henderson Cashmere and our partner in Inner Mongolia are proud members of The Good Cashmere Standard by AbTF®️, an organization dedicated solely to the cashmere industry. The purpose The GCS to support restoration and preservation of vital grasslands, ensure the fair and humane treatment of the people and animals involved in the production cashmere garments, provide full transparency throughout the production process and aid in the transformation of the complex supply chain from herders to retailers.

Our production facility in Inner Mongolia is also monitored and certified by the Okeo-tex®️ standard 100,

Amfori – Trade with Purpose and The SFA Scope certification- ensuring quality in production.

Produced locally
All of our garments are created locally, from goat to garment, in Inner Mongolia. We support fair and equitable pricing to ensure a living wage for all involved in the creation of our garments.

Shipping and packaging
To ensure the highest ecological integrity of our products, we use only recycled/recyclable materials in all our packaging, and we employ the most environmentally friendly methods of shipping and distribution available. We continuously searching for new ways to increase the sustainability of our company.

A passion for slow fashion
At the heart of Henderson Cashmere is the meticulous care about the quality and craftmanship that goes into each and every garment. We create timeless styles in specially blended colors that transcend the trends of fast fashion. With proper care, your keepsake Henderson Cashmere garment will be with you a long, long time.